Landscaping Materials

Do you spend every weekend in the garden or maybe you’re more interested in an outdoor room that displays your passion for travel, design or food? No matter what your interest, Stonehenge Beltana in picturesque Pialligo has the materials to turn your inspiration into a masterpiece.

Wee Jasper Basalt Wall Rock

Natural dimension Bluestone of varying thickness and random face dimensions, colour complexion of light/dark blue/grey through to shaded and patterned olive and ochre tones.

Ideal for Walls – solid faced both sides and capped, and single side facade
Interior and exterior, all weather.

Nimmitabel Basalt Wall Rock

Naturally flat bluestone that breaks exceptionally well without shattering.
Preferred by stonemasons for small and large scale projects.

Colours vary from dark black bluestone to the face rock of yellow/brown in appearance.

Type B Soil

Sandy top soil.

Lawn and Turf Base

Ideal base for a magnificent lawn.

Garden Mix

Excellent general purpose garden soil.

White Quartz – 20mm

20mm Rounded White Quartz Pebble.

Crushed Brick

Rustic-look Red gravel.

River Rock

300mm minus River Rock

Crushed Limestone – 40mm

40mm Limestone Gravel.

River Rock

150mm Minus River Rock.

River Pebble – 20mm

20mm River Pebble ‘Earthy Blend’ Colour.

Pea Gravel – 10mm

10mm River Pebble ‘Earthy Blend’ Colour.

Beltana Gold – 20mm

20mm Rounded Golden Pebble.

Beltana Gold – 10mm

10mm Rounded Golden Pebble.

Concrete Mix

Sand and Aggregate mix

Red Rock Sand

Popular with Stonemasons.

Washed White Sand

Ideal for children’s sand-pits/Plastering Sand.

White Brickies Sand

Suitable mortar sand for laying bricks and blocks.

Yellow Brickies Sand

Suitable mortar sand for laying bricks and blocks.

Dark Cottage Mulch

General purpose, dark chocolate coloured mulch.

Light Cottage Mulch

General purpose, light golden coloured mulch.

Eucalyptus Mulch

100% hardwood chip – Fine grade

Hardwood Chip

General purpose mulch

Pine Chip

Medium sized pine chip

Yellow Crushed Granite

For Pathways and Driveways

Red Crushed Granite

For pathways and driveways.

Sandstone Slabs

Custom Cut sandstone 50mm thick varies sizes and lengths.

River Pebble

River Pebble available in various sizes

Dimensions = Pea Gravel / 20mm / 50mm and oversize

Colour = Multi brown

Black Aggregate

Great for that dramatic effect in your garden

Dimensions = 5mm, 20mm and oversize (up to 65mm)

Colour = Blue/Black

White Quartz

Eye catching in any garden, our 40mm is an uncommon size that can create real drama

Dimensions = 20mm & 40mm

Colour = Natural White

Stonehenge Gold

Decorative Pebble

Dimension = 10 to 14 mm

Colour = Gold

Mossy Rock

Also known as Bush Rock

Ideal for native gardens or rock borders/edging for garden beds

Dimensions = Multi sized

Colour = Natural


Colour = White through to Gold & Pinks

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