Water Features + Ponds

Stonehenge Beltana have a wide selection of ponds and water features to suit all gardens from the large acre lots to the small unit courtyards. Our shop is fully stocked with an extensive range of pumps and water accessories. To add that extra special colour to your water features, we have a selection of Koi Fish and water plants to choose from.

Ancient Bird Bath/Epoxy Seal

Ancient Bird Bath/Epoxy Seal

Diameter – 78cm

Height – 74cm

Terracotta Bird Bath

Bird Bath Terracotta

Diameter – 51cm
Height – 66cm

Diameter – 42cm
Height – 52cm

Diameter – 33cm
Height – 41cm

Big Waterfall

This waterfall you can create yourself to suit your needs!

Whatever shape or height will work in your space, we have a  range of beautiful natural rock and we can help you work out how much you need to get the job done.

Water Lillies

Spectacular in any water garden

Seasonal and best treated as a perennial in the Canberra climate

Dimensions =  20cm Pots

Colours = Mixed

Universal Rock Waterfall MW-009

Artificial rock medium size waterfall

Dimensions: L 117 x W 89 x H 50.8 cm

Colour = Natural

Scroll Fountain

Scroll Fountain is suitable for outdoors

Dimensions =  H 61 x W 83cm

Material = Glass Reinforced Cement
Colour = Italian Rust

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