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Rockface Cladding

A prefabricated natural sandstone product, our Rockface Cladding offers a practical and beautiful answer to the tedious work of rock face cladding. Available in both individual pieces or as a complete, interlocking set.


  • 300 x 150 x 30-40mm
  • 500 x 200 x 30-40mm
  • 600 x 300 x 30 -40mm
  • Set (450 x 450 x 30 – 40mm)


Sandstone is a clastic sedimentary rock composed mainly of sand-sized mineral particles or rock fragments. Most sandstone is composed of quartz or feldspar. Like uncemented sand, sandstone may be any colour due to impurities within the minerals, but the most common colours are tan, brown, yellow, red, grey, pink, white, and black.

Finish: Split Face

Recommended sealers

Universal Stoneseal; a water based surface sealer which gives a matte or satin finish.


Synergy; a combination consolidator and penetrating sealer, specially formulated for salt protection

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